Healthy, safe and functional solutions in hospitals

HM30/HRM gates; They are sliding doors that provide hygiene in medical areas, production types and technology are completely dependent on the place, suitable for stretcher and disabled passages. It is also frequently preferred in buildings where sterile and hygiene is required and where there are different industrial works.

Doors can be hygienic, hermetic, X-ray, automatic or manual according to their needs and usage patterns. HDM/HRM model is available where 90° door use is required.

HM30/HRM and HDM/HRM doors have all necessary standards.

General features

HRM Automatic Hermetic Sliding Doors are the doors that are produced as a single action wing with 1000 mm – 1800 mm passage widths and different heights.

It is possible to be produced with HPL panel, stainless coated, observation window, leaded alternatives and to be designed according to the customer’s request when necessary. It fully complies with EN16005 norms in terms of safety.